2-month-old GMMK Pro suddenly stopped working

Hi, I purchased and assembled a GMMK Pro in November 2023. It worked perfectly upon assembly, and has continued to be my daily-use keyboard up until today. I was typing normally and suddenly, the LEDs shut off and the keyboard stopped sending keys to my laptop. I tried using a different port with the GMMK cable, to no avail, and I tried using a usb-c to usb-c cable to connect my laptop and keyboard, also to no avail. My laptop and all other peripherals continued working, and I don’t think there was a power incident. The keyboard was not warm to the touch, and it was on a flat surface.

Is my keyboard broken? If so, this is extremely disappointing as the keyboard is essentially new and I have used it only for its intended purpose. Would I be able to request a replacement, or in the worst case, a refund?


Hi sorry to hear that you are having issues with your keyboard. I am not sure of any fixes that may help you, but feel free to contact support here they should be able to help you out especially if you got it recently.

You should definitely follow through with what @JrEtwon said and contact Glorious Support. Reaching out to the support team is going to be the quickest and most reliable way to get assistance in regards to the issue. The best we can do on the forum is make educated guesses.