World of Warcraft

Hey Guildies!

Does anyone here play World of Warcraft?! I’ve recently gotten back into it and it made me wonder how many of you may play it. I’ve been playing on and off since 2005 (when I was 10 years old LO) till now. If you play, what class, faction, and race are you?

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Heyyy I JUST started my account back up last week. I started playing in open beta and have been on and off every expansion since (except WOTLK, because, you know, it was the greatest). I just started a blood elf protection paladin last week that I just got up to 60. I mostly mained a marksman hunter or a resto shammy before that. All horde.

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I don’t really remember any more. I remember playing with my Mum and Nan to level 21 night elf, but not going further on that character. My furthest played was the forsaken, getting to at least 42. I started quite a few horde characters and played the starting main story, which were all very interesting and good, but short IIRC. I did get very much into SWTOR though, getting several characters to the level cap before the episodic emperor entity updates, but due to that model releasing a chapter every week, and leveling 6 or so characters with the same story, I got bored and left.

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Ughhhh, it seems like ANY WHERE I go, I can’t get away from it…


I played for a long time, from Vanilla - MOP, eventually stopping as I lost a lot of time to play/most of my friends had quit by that point. When Classic was originally announced, I jumped back in pretty deep. Played through Naxx in Classic and hopped over to Retail for SL.

I’ve been getting back into it a bit with 9.2 and the pending release of Dragonflight, but who knows where it’ll take me going forward.

I played from vanilla to Cataclysm, but that was high school and college days, so I had nothing but time. I was totally addicted lol. My main was a Paladin, mainly Holy with occasional Ret.

The other expansions I always came back and played some but dropped off. Married with 2 kids doesn’t leave me time for the WoW grind. But Dragonflight really has me interested.

Ah man it use to be a family affair back in the day. Last time I played BK just dropped. Nowadays when I get an mmo itch I play some Elder Scrolls Online. But if it was a big enough group or like scheduled events I 'd most definitely consider hopping back in! I’m sure the world could use more Tauren Shamans out there haha.

I got into it in summer 2018 when my wife was living several hours away to work on a political campaign and I was stuck home alone for most of the summer. Caught the tail end of Legion and the beginning of Battle for Azeroth. It was okay, I guess, but I figured out that I really don’t like paying a subscription for a game so I haven’t had an active sub since that summer ended.

I still play. The game is active as hell and fun!

I would recommend playing Horde if you are going to PVP, since Alliance LFG is pretty much dead. They will do a faction “merge” soon, so it won’t be an issue. Just not sure when.

I’m playing hunter right now, which does really well in 2V2 arenas. I’m more a PVP’r if anything.

I’d suggest playing a Druid though, you can tank/heal/dps - making finding a group for both PVP and PVE super easy. As for peripherals, I’d recommend using the Model I mouse for WOW. The extra buttons help with macros/hot-keys, it works quite well :slight_smile:

I just started back up a few weeks ago. I am a pvp’er myself. Fully geared my DH and now doing my Fire Mage. Excited for today’s patch! Currently using a logitech G600 for my mouse, I’ve been using mice like this for WoW for 8 years so it’s hard for me to use anything else. I would love something similar for Glorious :wink:

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How do you feel about gearing alts for PVP? Since they took away conquest boxes, it really is a huge grind and uphill battle for catching up to an average pvp ilevel where you won’t get stomped :sleepy:

I dont mind the grind, but it does suck getting stomped 24/7. I typically throw on some netflix or youtube on the other monitor and grind it out. It does get old getting one shot over and over though :sweat_smile:

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