Switch Lubing Station Question

Is the brush supposed to fit nicely in the hole? Because mine needs to be forced in for it to stay in there. Not sure if this is intentional or if I got a defective one. Thanks for your help!

Here’s a Video

PS. The Lynx switches are so freakin nice. Love the sound of them lubed so much I’m going to have to get more.

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That’s weird I do not remember ever having that problem!

I also just received my lube station and the glorious brush doesn’t fit. Did the glorious brush get updated? @Millions any ideas?

Also does anyone have any suggestions on a vial that fits in the station?

The glorious lube fits in there perfectly. So there is no fix yet for the brush not fitting, you kind of just have to twist the brush to get it in there. I was thinking about getting a drill and just lightly drilling out the brush hole to make it wider but not sure if that might crack the whole thing so be very weary of that.

I’m checking into this right now to see what’s up!

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I had thought of getting a drill bit out to make the brush hole a little bit bigger.

As for the vial yes agreed the glorious lube fits great. I’m asking about the hole to the lower left of the lube and below the brush hole in question. I think the vial is supposed to be used to group lube the springs.

Word around our team is that the brush should fit into our lubing stations easily enough, so @Mavrx and @Nato_pnw please reach out to CS before drilling out your station as they may be able to offer you some sort of redress for your stations not being able to fit the brush in.

Not sure exactly what (swap out, discount, etc) but definitely reach out before drilling because I’m fairly certain that would void the warranty :sweat_smile:

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Oh I did reach out a while back and they sent me a replacement but that too had holes too small for the brush. They then gave me a refund in the form of a gift card (which I used for the BF sale), and told me that a fixed one should be coming soon. Amazing customer service by the way!

So @Nato_pnw, you should reach out and ask when the fixed lube stations will be in or figure out a solution with them.

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So the brush kind of fits? Hopefully these 2 pictures upload…any who with some force the brush will go in, but and slight bump will cause the brush to fall out. You can see in the 2nd picture where the brush rubs in the station.

@Millions if you want more pictures let me know!


The amount of force I need to get the brush to sit actually makes me nervous I’m going to snap the brush :grimacing:


you have to twist it, not just jam it in lol

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Didn’t know a dance was necessary for switch lubing! :laughing:


So, the engineer in me made me get my calipers out.

Hole diameter: 8.35 mm
hole depth: 6.54 mm
paint brush diameter: 8.8mm

either the paint brush needs to get thinner or the hole needs to get bigger…oh I’ve also reached out to cs, so I’ll talk to them before I get creative in solving the problem (if I need to), but it looks like using a 11/32 drill bit would get the hole to the same diameter as the paint brush.


LOL yes definitely do the twist as you lube :laughing:

11/32 bit, okay thanks for that!

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