STL files for the Model O Wireless

Simple, easy, straight to the point. You have one of the best entries into the market, why not make it the best entry into the Enthusiast Explorer and self-cloning market?

Let people explore shapes and discuss their ideas here in the forums where they get the STL files by registering to post and share.

Bring home the modders with a friendly platform. They’d love it. I know I’d buy a 3D printer to explore this if I got some official STLs.

No joke. I’ll put my money where my mouth is and get a 3D printer if STL files are released.

Sure we could scan it, but official files and support from the company? That goes a long way in bringing people to the scene.

Official Glorious Thingiverse when?

Oh and the best part? It’s free for you guys :wink:


i would be excited if this were to be a thing, id love to print the sides with “fuzzy” skin to give it a texture.