Some thoughts on next 75% Pro model

I feel like after getting my QK65 there’s a void with similarly built 75% keyboards that offer great value and sound. The QK65 really set the standard for what a keyboard can do and include, for it’s price range.

I honestly wouldn’t mind buying something in the 250 to $300 range, if we could pick our top and bottom plate colors, have it foamed up for that Jelly Epoch sound, with better screws and the new stabs. Basically update the build to have the the things people really like in 2022 by taking a look at what QK65 has done.

Would be nice as a group buy.

I’d have to imagine that is certainly going to be the next evolution in “mass” produced keyboards.

It is easy for everything to get bogged down, as I feel like we’re in the throws of keyboard burnout the way lightweight gaming mice hit the market after the Model O, but at least with keyboards there is a lot of variation and nuance- generally speaking, room to play around.

When the GMMK Pro was released, there weren’t many, if any at all, in stock, gasket mount, 75% keyboard on the market. Prior to just a few years ago, if you wanted anything other than tray mounted boards, you had to go the route of customs.

There were lesser known, niche brands, like Realforce and HHKB, but those were pretty basic boards themselves. Pretty much all of the nicer, higher end boards were done by a PERSON (not a company) via the route of a groupbuy.

Even with a groupbuy, one single person can only take things so far. I don’t have a lot of experience with manufacturing in general, and maybe someone from Glorious can back me up on this, but it has to be hard to find a manufacturer that is willing to create the tooling needed to create a really “unique” board. I’m sure this is changing quite a bit as the hobby expands and technology advances, but it must cost an insane amount of money to create a brand new manufacturing process with a third party.

Now that there are proven markets for it, they are kicking the doors down of what is possible in that “mid-range”. (I really don’t enjoy those terms) The $250-$300 is going to explode, if not we’ll end up with slightly cheaper boards due to competition.

Thanks for the thoughtful response! It’s a good time to be into keyboards!

The QK65 really created a strong baseline for 65s, and as ways, looking forward to what Glorious does next