Series One PRO - Wireless freezing issue

So, I bought myself a brand new Series One PRO from the oficial Portuguese distributor of Glorious products. I had no idea that this was a group buy device - this is my first Glorious device. If one looks at the store, it’s hard to tell this is a limited availability product, all three colours are still in stock.

Anyway, before purchasing I looked on Reddit for reviews and pretty much all of them mentioned something regarding the wireless operation, at times the mouse seems to power down for some milliseconds and once it wakes up it snaps back to the intended location. Same thing happens while using the scroll wheel, suddenly it jumps a few pages out of nowhere. This happens very frequently when using the PC at the desktop and infrequently when playing games, however when it happens it truly sucks. My previous mouse was a Logitech G305 and I never had any issues.

This is a late 2022 device and it’s still on firmware We’re almost in 2024 and this mouse has yet to receive any kind of update. I know this was a group buy, limited edition product but I don’t see why it should be treated any differently from the other mice considering it’s still being sold at retail.

Things I’ve done:

  • Firmware reset
  • Factory reset
  • Changing mouse settings
  • Different USB ports
  • Different PC

I’m still in the 14 day return period provided to me by the Portuguese law. I really don’t want to return this as I’m really fond of the design and feel. I just need to know if there is any firmware update in the pipeline that fixes this issue.

Hi, sorry to hear that, I am personally unaware of this issue. However I would recommend reaching out to Glorious support here, but feel free to check here every once in a while to see if anyone has any advice.

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This is a device I would say is supported by warranty only - not supported for firmware or other. Forge has been permanently shutdown and from some of these releases, Glorious appears to be bringing new hardware to their lineup.
If you are in your 14-day window, and based on your troubleshooting steps, I would take it back and hold, (as I am, and many more are) for a mainline release of the Series One Pro, with revisions, and updated internals to come out.
This is not me saying what Glorious is doing, this is just what I would do if I were you, since I have this mouse as well, andd this happens to me too.
Glorious support is great, but that mouse needed things resolved over a year ago.
LOVE the shape, hate the guts/performance.

Good Luck!

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