RGB effects - Matrix 2 (Can it be modified?)

Can the Matrix 2 RGB effect be modified to add more colors? It looks like it’s missing shades of red and orange.

Also, is there any way to run Ripple Graff AND Matrix 2 at the same time?

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I was hoping there was a way to do something like this using the layers, but I was never able to fully figure it out.

With the Corsair software, I would have all of my LEDs be red, and then have a white ripple run out with each key press. Only thing I miss from that keyboard

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I forgot that I had posted a similar question here before I ever got to try a Glorious keyboard.

Yeah I’m coming from Razer and Cooler Master keyboards. Razer Synapse allows layering of RGB animations so you can have two animations running at the same time. Cooler Master software lets you do this then save the combined effect to hardware memory.