Ordering problems

But you got a refund. Was the deal that you got to get your money back and also have your keyboard fixed?

I don’t think Millions is ignoring you; after all millions has ton of work and also may have days off.

Hm; I’m not sure how to help: usually an email it’s all it took for me in a week wait.
When I emailed It was almost Black Friday time.
I can’t speak for the company; I’m just a keyboard enthusiast.
But if anything else fails; you can go through Amazon and buy the board from there; they actually sell the board there for Glorious and the seller is actually glorious.

Best of luck;

Based on your responses it sounds like this company isn’t ready to grow bigger yet. Blocking you from ordering, ghosting you in support.

From my own experience with this company they handle shipping damage very badly too. When the box is partially destroyed they don’t care, and will continue to use those cheap bags that offer no protection instead of boxes with packing to actually protect your purchase like other companies.

If the company is going to act this way you might want to avoid them in the future.

Thank you for letting us know.