Nvidia or AMD (or intel ARC?) - GPU

Hey everyone,

Wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on the next series of GPUs. This is my upgrade iteration and was curious where people were leaning. This post comes before there is any real performance data on the AMD cards.

I’m super interested in the AMD cards this go around.


I personally am a Nvidia person, no real reason as to why but I always go Nvidia

I would recommend AMD to anyone and would take and use an AMD card any day of the week but if I was given the choice between Nvidia or AMD I would for sure pick Nvidia

Wait and see what comes out about the new AMD cards. As much as I was rooting for Intel, ARC just isn’t there yet.

And Nvidia…well…I bought a 4090 and I would say just stay away for now. Between melting connectors and AMD being something that finally competes against them, it’s a good time to wait and see.


With the absurd prices of the new Nvidia generation and the strides that AMD has been making, AMD certainly look a lot more attractive.


I have to absolutely agree AMD have been becoming much more appealing these last couple years for sure an Nvidia card prices are out of control

@SentientTD I forgot you got a 4090, it’s crazy that they are melting the connectors but man they are so power hungry. I’m sure they will get it fixed at some point but that is rough. You haven’t had this problem have you?

No, mine has been fine and barely felt warm. I also didn’t abuse it when I installed it and haven’t touched the cable since then.

Nvidia is going to have to do something to properly address it, and they are saying that if you use something like the CableMod adapter you void your warranty, but I would love to see that hold up when the inevitable class action lawsuit comes out, since it’s come out that Nvidia knew this was an issue and didn’t care.

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I’m normally fail;y neutral but i’ve only ever owned nvdia cause everytime i’ve upgraded their cards were the best in my price range or the only things i could ever get. since the release of DLSS I’ve been very pro nvdia. But the mix of shitty bussiness practices and price of the new cards have me leaning amd more these days

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I think that NVIDIA is simply a big greed machine at this point. The engineers are great and develop/create amazing graphics cards, but marketing/management is doing a horrible job with pricing, SKUs, and just about everything else. They’ve definitely lost a lot of appeal for me, especially with EVGA leaving the market.

AMD seems to be filling the gaps opened by NVIDIA and they continue to impress me with performance and pricing. AMD’s ray tracing performance is slowly improving and FSR has matured a lot. For regular rasterization performance, AMD seems to be close or equal to NVIDIA’s offerings. I think my next GPU will be an AMD unit.

For me, the first showing from Intel has been a mixed bag. Intel appears to have the hardware side of things sorted out for the most part, but drivers and other fine tunings are simply not developed enough to provide a complete, functional, and competitive product. I believe that ARC has a ton of potential once the drivers are sorted out, and hearing that Vivian Lien has joined Intel as the VP and GM of the ARC project, Intel’s graphics cards aren’t going anywhere.

Vivian has a lot of experience in the industry and I hope she can bring ARC to a position that allows it to truly compete against AMD and NVIDIA.


I’m excited to see what intel brings next to the market. As a first showing I think they did well and knew where to price their card. Hoping they stick with it and compete to drive prices down.

I have only ever gone with NVIDIA but AMD has continued to impress me. I am aiming for the 7900 XTX if I can get my hands on it.


I’ve always been an impartial buyer, getting whatever offers me the best bang-for-the-buck video card.
But nvidia, with their business practices of the latest couple of years and the insulting pricing models they came up with with the 4000 series, tipped the scale for me. I intend NOT to buy nvidia.
As for an answer to your question… definitely wait. AMD is promising a LOT with their 7000 series. If they maange to deliver, nvidia simply won’t be able to compete in price/performance, not even close.


Recently built a new PC and decided to send it with fully AMD since I have been hearing really promising things. I went with the 6900X and have been really pleased with it so far, haven’t had any issues and it performs great in everything I’ve played so far. If I was you I’d hold off and see about the new 7000 series, looks even more promising!


AMD is 100% the better buy this generation. You get a lot more cost-to-performance, Nvidia is just way overpriced on their 4000-series (not to mention the whole power plug melting fiasco). It’s a running joke that AMD drivers are terrible, but they’ve gotten so much more stable over time. Nvidia was just having some issues with their previous driver release (MW2 bugs, Cyberpunk map rendering issues), so no driver is perfect. In terms of bang for your buck, I say this as an owner of a 3080 and RX 6900, but go for AMD!