Monitor questions

Hey everyone,

Wasn’t sure how best to word this, but I wanted to get some feedback on my current predicament. This is the cycle for a full system upgrade for me. I have the rig built sans the GPU as those are incoming. During this process, I upgraded my monitor to a 1440p 140+Hz.

Issue: I got it home and it has a stuck pixel. Being that this is a big update for me, I took it back for a new one of the same model expecting it to be a fluke. Got the new one home, ANOTHER STUCK PIXEL.

Question: For you all out there, would you just keep it and ignore the pixel, or take it back until you get one with all pixels working properly?

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Two in a row with the same issue if brand new, and not some refurbs/open box models get another model probably. Some companies think up to three stuck pixels is fine too. So I might avoid a company who thinks a few stuck pixels s fine even when brand new when you’re possibly paying hundreds, if not even over $1000 for a display


Brand new monitor? Take it back.

My current main monitor has a stuck pixel, and it drives me nuts.


take that $%&@ back!!


Take it back and get this one. :wink:

P.S. It’s on sale!

I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I took the monitor back and got a different model (not the $1k) and all pixels are a go. Thanks for your feedback everyone!


Glad to hear

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I would return and just get another model if fixing the pixel doesn’t work

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He’s already done that.

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yup i honestly should have read the thread bad habit of mine