Keyboard Issues

Hi I built I GMMK Pro, I put it together the entire board, every single key worked except for f11 support told me to update the firmware which I did. Then this caused my forward slash key to stop working but my f11 began to work. Support fixed my issue fast and sent me a new PCB. Today I put together the entire board and the same issue the f11 key did not work. So once again I did the firmware update like support directed me to. I plug in my board after flashing the correct ANSi bin file and now none of my keys work except for the volume wheel. The RGB is lit up on the board as well. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

Hi @Golfcowboy! I checked with our CS team and it looks like you already spoke to them and were able to resolve the issue. Please do let me know though if you have any more issues or need assistance, Iā€™d be happy to help :slight_smile: