Just ordered the Model O2, some floats, and a second elements air pad.... question

would this be possible as far as placing extra feet? or is the place the pads originally go slightly recessed…

and if not…

Glorious can we get some versions later with bigger bottom pads like the new gpro superlight? and also, yes floats are required in said product, i like my mouse to be so fast i warp into the next dimension…


I believe they are slightly recessed. I don’t have a model O2 in hand so maybe someone else can confirm this. However, pulsar has some superglides (glass feet) for the model O. I find them to be a bit more speedy than the G-Floats. I do like that idea tho, maybe not the whole bottom but a lot more surface area than the corners would be cool.

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Sure it’s possible, I suppose, but why would you want it?

I’ve found there are diminishing returns when adding too much surface area to the bottom of your mouse. I THOUGHT I’d like big feet like you see on the G Pro X Superlight, but on something like the Elements Ice it just makes it feel very sluggish to me.

I’ve come around full circle and discovered that feet roughly the size of the Model O (and Model O 2) are PERFECT. For me, anyway.

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