Howdy! (Pink Model O, Forge Edition - thoughts on what you got from Forge)

I wanted to take a few minutes and just mention that I am very hopeful for what Forge has coming down the line because of this first hardware release.
I got my Pink Model O from Forge (Not for me I keep telling myself) but the more I shoot B-Roll of it and use it, the more I realize the subtle changes and the big ones that lead me to believe their new hardware from Forge will feel manufactured from their main lineup when we get it and the re-tooling process on previous hardware will be enough to do two things:

  1. Bring back that original love you had for Glorious when it hits your hand and
  2. QC (like this mouse) willing, any old issues you had are not there.

But I have more I want to say and will in my video. If you are comfortable telling me your thoughts if you got one (and are okay with me pulling it to put in for a YT video) would you please let me and the community know your thoughts? Add a video if you feel inclined to or your own reviews even! Add some pictures and I will include them as comparisons on a mass scale in my video and link your video as well if its a review of the Pink Model O from Forge in mine!

It’s good information and I think it will help the community and others considering grabbing something from Forge to decide and to give others some peace of mind.

Thanks for your time and Remain Glorious!

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Here is a screen grab from the upcoming video :sparkling_heart::

Crossing my fingers for next week :crossed_fingers::rofl::sweat_smile::dizzy_face: maybe the week after tho :thinking: :hourglass:


The video will go live today at 10am EST. I really do hope that you enjoy it!


Will give it a watch tonight!


Thank you my friend! I appreciate you and anyone who takes some time to see a novice enjoy a re-release haha. :pray: I hope it helps some with patience and confidence in Glorious with Forge.

Remain Glorious! :purple_heart:

Great video, and I agree with the points you made. Keep up the grind brotha!

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