GMMK Numpad Wake State When Wired Issue

So to preface, the numpad doesn’t differentiate its wake/sleep states between wired and wireless operation, and goes to sleep based on the Lighting Inactivety timer, even when plugged in (unlike the primary keyboard). This causes the numpad to go to sleep and not respond to the first few keypresses on wakeup, which is incredibly frustrating. For those of us who have Glorious wireless mice (Model D in my case), I now have to choose between having the lighting inactivity activated (for mouse battery life) at the cost of the numbpad being a (glorious) paperweight, or turning the setting off, so that the numpad works, at the cost of no battery life on my mouse.

Can we please either get the numpad to recognize being in a wired state and acting like a keyboard? Or the lighting Inactivty settings being per device? I love both products, but they effectively cannot be used at the same time.

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