gmk pro keyboard malfunction

I was playing a game with my friends and the f4 key was important to use to invite him i tried to do it and it wouldn’t work i also switched the panda keys and it still didn’t work what should i do?

Welcome to the Guild! Sorry to hear about the issue your GMMK Pro has. Glorious Support might have better answers than what we can provide - the Guild is just a community for the Glorious customer base to socialize, this isn’t a support platform.

However, there are many knowledgeable people here (far more than myself lol), so maybe we can help. If the F4 key still isn’t working after swapping switches then I suggest checking the hot-swap socket. If you open your GMMK Pro and take out the PCB, you can inspect the pin holes of the hot-swap socket.

There are two metal contact pads inside each hole which the pins of the switch need to touch for the switch to function properly. If the two metal contact pads are too far apart and there is a gap between them, then the switch pins won’t touch them and you’ll need to use a very small, fine point tweezer to push the pads back together. KBDfans has a video for this on their YouTube channel.